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Zoe Thurston CNHC DIP (BCNH) BSc. (Hons)   Bitesize Nutrition

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07977 910823           

Zoe Thurston is a qualified Nutritional Therapist who provides diet and lifestyle coaching at the Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine.


Providing practical advice in manageable chunks and supporting you every step of the way

 Eastbourne and online

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Nutrition De-mystified 

The messages in the press may seem to be confusing and ever-changing. As a nutritional therapist I can critically appraise the latest research and apply it in practical ways to you as an individual.

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High Quality Advice

Although anyone can call themselves a Nutritional Therapist, only certain qualifications are recognised by the CNHC, a body set up to regulate the profession, supported by the Department of Health.

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Individual Fit

We are all individual and food can be used  to support your health most effectively by considering the complex interactions between your physiology, environment and lifestyle.

Ongoing Support 

Many of us lead busy lives and making dietary changes can seem difficult or even overwhelming. This is why ongoing support and easy to follow information is so important.

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"Having suffered from PCOS for many years and having researched all the diet advice myself, I found the advice given both conflicting and confusing and as such most of my attempts to change my diet were short lived. Zoe helped to make everything clear and very easy to follow with recipes that suited my busy lifestyle as a working mum and that also suited my family budget. "

Mrs M

"From Day 1, Zoe showed great interest, professionalism and compassion in assessing my overall health situation and painstakingly took detailed notes of my symptoms, analysed the various issues and devised a bespoke dietary and supplement plan for me to follow. "


"I’m a very fussy eater and I was worried that I would struggle to eat the foods that Zoe would suggest. However Zoe always thinks outside the box and came up with lots of alternative suggestions which meant that I could follow the plan she had devised and really feel like I could make the changes in the long term. "


"The useful tips and recipes she provided me throughout the sessions were easy to follow and made me realise that even the smallest of changes to a diet/regime could make a big difference. I can't recommend her enough!"